workshop videos


The Dogwood Dyer will soon be releasing natural dye workshop video tutorials for anyone interested in learning traditional and modern dye methods, while watching from the comfort of home. Videos will cover everything from proper and thorough pre-treatment of natural fibers, to efficient extraction of vibrant and beneficial color from natural sources, to surface design techniques, and tips and tricks to coaxing color in a gentle yet effective way.

With the videos, participants can watch at their own pace as well as have the opportunity to join in a virtual question and answer session with Liz after having a chance to dye on their own, so that she may help troubleshoot process or address any issues. Video purchase will also come with a comprehensive resources book that The Dogwood Dyer has spent years compiling, including sections covering materials, the world's renowned natural dyers, research and innovation in natural color, the standout publications for natural dyers, and more!

Please use the contact form (contact page link below) and indicate which topics of study and techniques in natural dyeing you would like to see available here (examples include: 'indigo dyeing', 'natural dyeing with medicinal plants', 'shibori', etc).

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