Painting + Printing with Flowers Natural Dye Kit

Painting + Printing with Flowers Natural Dye Kit


This Painting + Printing with Flowers Kit is a wonderful gift or introduction for the natural dye novice, color enthusiast, artist, or dyer hoping to work with raw dyestuff- homegrown flowers!

It includes dried homegrown sulfur cosmos flowers, an 18” x 22” piece of raw silk, alum acetate for pre-treating your fabric (enough for more than just the included raw silk so you can try your hand on existing garments or linens in your home- painting with natural dyes is one of my favorite ways to revive and breath new life into old dingy or stained garments), guar gum (a natural agent to thicken your flower extraction to make paint), iron salt (ferrous sulfate can widen the palette of the paint to create a whole new family of colors- moody orange, brown and even olive green), and instructions on how to pre-treat your fabric, make paint and bundle dye.

This kit is very versatile and can do quite a bit:

-Paint with flowers

-Bundle dye or print with flowers

-Immersion dye for solid colors

This kit is well suited for the beginner dyer or the natural dyer who is eager to work with raw dyestuff grown sustainably in the USA. It’s a fun activity as well for children, but adult supervision is recommended for the pre-treatment process -and remember- alum and iron should always be kept out of reach of small children- accidental ingestion of anything in high concentration (even natural substances like metal salts) can be harmful.

Shipping within the US is $5 and $12 for international destinations. Order by December 13 to receive before Christmas.

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