Organic & Homegrown Indigo Workshop at Saddle Rock Gardens- Sun July 22nd 10am-2pm

Organic & Homegrown Indigo Workshop at Saddle Rock Gardens- Sun July 22nd 10am-2pm


Using only organic plant matter you will gain knowledge and experiment with the time honored art of natural dyeing at Saddle Rock Gardens in Malibu with The Dogwood Dyer.

We will be exploring a multitude of ways to work with the king of natural dye stuffs: Indigo. We'll be sharing in the incredibly unique experience of dyeing with rich organic indigo that was grown in the United States to make a vat as well as working with locally grown indigo in a fresh leaf process. Together with participants we will create an organic indigo vat from scratch where the chemistry and science will be thoroughly explained. There will also be an organic henna vat present for participants to experiment and dye with, to understand the varying possibilities of natural reducing agents and the many ways it can work. Unlike most modern indigo dye vats that are prepared quickly with a synthetic reducing agent, this workshop will use only natural ingredients to activate the dyeing power of the indigo vat. Learn the science behind the nature of indigo while experiencing the alchemistic wonder of its transformation from indigo "white" to yellow then green to blue! What's more, there will also be dyeing with Liz's locally fresh grown indigo to process and achieve aqua and cyan blue shades alongside the true blue shades of indigo.

This dye is perfectly suited for experimenting with shibori- traditional tie, bind, and stitch techniques. Liz will demonstrate her favorites including itajime and arashi and encourage students to try their hand at surface and pattern design including painting with indigo!

Participants will each receive a collection of natural fabrics to test and dye with are also encouraged to bring their own medium to small sized natural fiber (cotton, wool, silk, linen, etc.) garment or item to dye in the reduced vats.

***There will also be an optional wine tasting if you like during the workshop! The wine tasting is an additional $17- please bring cash or check.

Saddle Rock Gardens is a family owned establishment focused on growing organic and sustainable produce to enrich the land and strengthen community. It is not only a garden, but a space to come together to learn, dine, and experience the simple beauty of the Santa Monica Mountains. 

The Garden offers a variety of community oriented activities including workshops in cooking and gardening, farm to table dinners hosted by local chefs, private events, weekend picnics, and weekly organic produce boxes available for pick up. It aims to provide an environment where one can escape the bustle of the city and relish in the simple, quiet of a garden and its bounty.


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