Madder Seeds- 'Rubia Tinctorum'

Madder Seeds- 'Rubia Tinctorum'


Madder or ‘rubia tinctorum’ is an indespensible part of my dye gardens as the root from this very special plant can produce true reds, pinks, oranges and burgandy. Considered an investment plant- the roots will take a good 2 years for the alizarin content (the red dye) to be ample enough to create a strong red worth harvesting, but the wait is well worth it for any natural dyer looking to complete the homegrown spectrum. Instructions on germinating, growing, and harvesting your madder are included with your seed order.

Each packet contains approximately 25 seeds. Expect 50% or better germination rate.

See the ‘Dye Plants’ section of my website to learn more about cultivating this plant.

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