The dogwood dyer works with designers & collaborates with creative minds to achieve their wildest natural color projects. She has worked with designers such as Study by Tara St. James, Marlow Goods, Rebecca Atwood, Colorant, A.Cheng, Wolhide, and Svilu.

When working with colors that are unattainable from local sources due to seasonal restrictions, dyestuffs are sourced ethically with fair trade partners. Regular, personal communication with clients to review swatches & color progression during the process to achieve the desired color saturation & hue ensures the designer's satisfaction.

The dogwood dyer can work with designers to garment dye, yarn dye or yardage dye to work at various stages of product development.

Natural color application techniques offered:
-immersion dyeing
-resist & patterning techniques such as shibori & itajime
-bundle dyeing

I would be happy to meet with you and show you my portfolio of color options. Please contact me with any questions regarding process, turn-around time, color palette, portfolio & quotes.

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