Natural Dye Workshops- September & October 2017


at the brand new, Brooklyn creative educational space

HANDS-ON-STUDIO by Shab Simon Alexander

Sunday, September 28, 2-4pm & Sunday, October 5, 12-4pm  $180

Learn how to identify wild dye plants and forage responsibly in Prospect Park, then use those plants to create beautiful dyed fabrics while learning about the intricacies of natural dyeing.

On day 1 you will learn to recognize wild dye plants as well as responsible foraging techniques & practices. The northeast has so much to offer! Learn the opportune months for specific plants & colors. Also find out which plants are best used fresh & which can be dried or frozen for later use. The experience of using in season & regionally relevant plants as opposed to dried, imported powders provides a real connection to this age old process. Class will meet in Prospect Park (if it’s raining we will meet in the Hands-On Studio). After a day of foraging, feel free to stay and join us for a picnic in the park -- friends and family are welcome!

On day 2 we will use the foraged dyestuffs and learn the methods of extracting color from plants as well as many of the natural dyer's secrets to color shifting and color fastness. Each students will get to make their own silk scarf. You will come away with a basic understanding of natural dyeing and have a whole new perspective on local plants and their uses. *all materials included, snacks provided, byob




at The Prospect Heights Community Farm

Sunday, October 11th 11am-3pm  $85

Learn three ways to prepare indigo and woad, including from fresh leaves grown in the garden.  Multiple organic indigo dye vats, organic US grown and spun cotton yarn, and cotton fabric will be provided to workshop participants.  Participants should bring a pair of dishwashing gloves and wear old clothes/shoes.

Prospect Heights Community Farm has been a community resource since 1998.  The garden is part of the Brooklyn Alliance of Neighborhood Gardens, the Open Space Institute, GreenThumb, and Green Bridge. The garden welcomes new members at its seasonal monthly meetings and the public is welcome whenever the gates are open.